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Welcome Holy Spirit!!!

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The Word of the Prophet on 6-16-18

“HalleluYAH! You stirred up the heavens. Praise God! You’re taking the glory home with us – that’s what it is all about, not about us, it’s about the glory. Invite the Holy Spirit, go out and get… Oh my Jesus! Go to Valley Mills, the main street, there’s one street called straight, the main street, stand at the street and say Welcome Holy Spirit and like a sweeping of the Holy Spirit and a sound of a rushing mighty wind ~ sound like a freight train coming through the night, rattling the windows, it’s the glory train coming, it’s the glory train coming. Praise God!!! No preaching but a whole lot of moving of the Holy Spirit. Glory to God!!! You’ll have curious seekers come in; they are like, what in the world is going on?”

There was no doubt in my heart that this was a directive from the Lord Jesus! So after seeking The Lord on when, who, what, where, how…and receiving direction, we obeyed and moved forward with this God-ordained assignment.

The Lord told me that He wants this to go global! It is time to Welcome Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Glory, which will saturate our atmosphere with power! As we agree, unite, carry, and release this glory and power, the atmosphere will ripen for the return of The Lord King Yeshua Jesus!  So when S.S. declared in the first meeting that God had told her He wanted this to go global, it was just another confirmation of our alignment and assignment coming forth!

John preached repentance transforming the atmosphere for the ministry of Jesus. Welcoming the Holy Spirit will transform the atmosphere for the return of our Lord King Jesus! Glory to God!

7 days after receiving this Word, we completed this Prophetic assignment.

* On 6/23/18, 15 of us met at 1245 at in Valley Mills. (Valley Mills is the South Gate to Bosque County) At 1:11pm we stood at the main street (Hwy 6) and Welcomed Holy Spirit with a loud shout, followed with the blowing of 7 shofars, we rang bells, we waved the Glory Fire flags and God confirmed His entrance with several signs! A diesel truck turned onto Hwy 6 at the exact time of the shout and the trailer he was pulling looked like a TRAIN Car!!! He drove by us and sounded his horn 3 times, sounding like a train whistle. And if that wasn’t enough, as he pulled away, and to everyone’s amazement, a REAL train whistle was heard in the distance! Shortly thereafter, a curious onlooker came from down the street to ask us what was going on! HalleluYAH! Another confirmation!!! We eventually made our way back inside to share in the Bread and Blood of the Lamb, and we heard some Word. Then the Holy Spirit moved upon me to prophesy over every person there. It was a blessing for sure!

(The Lord gave me the date 6/23/2018 for our first event: 6+2+3=11 and 2+0+1+8=11 and it was 7 days from the date the Word was delivered through the Prophet.

The Lord said Welcome Holy Spirit at 1:11pm: we have been seeing 11, 111, 1111 everywhere! Revelation had come that 111, 1111 means Awakening, Wake Up Call, fresh spiritual awakening into more, supernatural favor and provision to take possession of promises, transition, alignment, revival. John 11:11, Hebrews 11:11, Deut. 11:11, Isaiah 11:11) Roger and I joined in this initiative and re-Welcomed Holy Spirit into our home…

* 6/24/18: The next day, I attended the morning service at River of Life. After the service as people were departing, one of the ladies that had been with us the previous day ran back in and said “its 1:11pm, Let’s Welcome Holy Spirit”!!! It was actually 1:08 so those of us there took our shofars, went out on the steps of the House of God and at 1:11pm we Welcomed Holy Spirit with a loud shout and with the sounding of 7 shofars!!! The wind started to blow and we had confirmation once again!

The Lord then instructed me to go (on Independence Day) up Hwy 6 to Clifton and to Meridian (the Bosque county seat) and Welcome Holy Spirit on 7/4/2018. (once again 7+4=11) So we did…. little did we know that this would be a Bosque County assignment :o)

And 7/4 is 11 days after 6/23!!! (you just can’t make this stuff up!!!)

* 7/4/18: At each location listed below, we read the Prophets Word, we decreed “Welcome Holy Spirit”, waved the Glory Fire flags, sounded 2 shofars, anointed the land with the City of Gold anointing oil, and a loosed the 528hz tuning fork frequency. (We have video at each location)

11:11 am – on Hwy 6, at the brick wall that says Welcome to Clifton, we Welcomed Holy Spirit! A train whistle was heard in the distance! Amazing God!!!

12:55pm – at Hwy6 and Hwy 22 intersection, at brick wall that says Welcome to Meridian, we Welcomed Holy Spirit! A train whistle was heard in the distance! Awesome God!!!

1:11pm – same location, we walked to the Bosque County Historical Marker located behind the welcome to Meridian brick wall. With the Texas and U.S. Flags flying above, we Welcomed Holy Spirit over Bosque County and to be sent out across Texas from there. And another train whistle was heard!!! Truly awestruck at this point!

~ As I was getting into the truck to leave, the Lord had me take the TEXAS PROPHESY flag back to the Bosque County marker, wave the flag and decree in every direction for the State of Texas to come into it’s Kingdom Destiny as the Prophetic State of this Nation.

Then… we just thought we were done, but not so.

1:55pm – on Hwy 144, at the City Park in Walnut Springs, the North Gate to Bosque County, standing at the site of a WW1 and WW2 Veterans memorial, we called forth LIFE and we Welcomed Holy Spirit! The wind once again made a dramatic appearance! Glory!

2:33pm – on Hwy 22, at the City Park in Cranfills Gap, the West Gate of Bosque County, standing on the splash pad, we Welcomed Holy Spirit! The trees and clouds above formed an open portal! It was so anointed!

3:07pm – at the park in Morgan, we Welcomed Holy Spirit! We found ourselves in front of a bench with “eagles” written in rod iron! This was the most powerful and dramatic manifestation of the wind that we had experienced all day!

3:17pm – as we drove on 1713 across the Katy Bridge (the North Gate to Bosque County) at Lake Whitney, we had the Glory Fire flags on the dashboard, and with the truck windows down, we read the Word of the Prophet, Welcomed Holy Spirit with a shout, sounded the shofar and the tuning fork! Glorious moment over the water, completing our assignment with an out-of-the-box, unique experience in the Lord! So much JOY!!!!!

* On 7/5, on this day, a sister in Christ, C.B., was inspired by all of this, so she went to the VA on this day and opened the portal to the Holy Spirit and Welcomed the Holy Spirit into the VA Health System!

* 7/6/18: we went out on the boat on Lake Whitney and Welcomed Holy Spirit as we did at all the other locations!

* 7/7/18: started the day in Duncanville at a friend’s business, Studio 34 on Main Street!!! We three Welcomed Holy Spirit!!!

At 4:44pm we gathered at Gloryland Ministries. 14 of us were present and it was 14 days after our first event in Valley Mills.

444 representing a door, 5778 representing a door – I heard the Lord saying He was opening double doors for us this day! And He did!!!

At 5:55pm, we went out to the private airplane runway. We Welcomed Holy Spirit with shouts, 7 shofars, the ringing of bells, the sounding of the 528 frequency, while holding up my Ezekiel Staff. The wind was so powerful and it escalated while we were out there. And then it happened!!!!! THE RAINBOW APPEARED and remained in the Eastern sky!

* Sister CB and her husband NB were busy this day also! They went to a Texas Prison and Welcomed Holy Spirit! On their way home, they Welcomed Holy Spirit in Palmer, Ennis, and Corsicana!!!

So all 4 Gates and the County Seat in Bosque County have been covered.

McLennan County, Dallas County, Ellis County, Navarro County have been touched.

So we have cast the net of the Holy Spirit upon 5 counties so far. HalleluYah!

It has only just begun as we look to go beyond!

If YOU ARE joining this world-wide movement to WELCOME HOLY SPIRIT into your area of dominion, please send me a comment so I can make a God-dot on our map! Let’s watch this Kingdom Initiative go GLOBAL!!!



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