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Welcome Holy Spirit!!! PART 2

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The Word of the Prophet on 6-16-18

“HalleluYAH! You stirred up the heavens. Praise God! You’re taking the glory home with us – that’s what it is all about, not about us, it’s about the glory. Invite the Holy Spirit, go out and get… Oh my Jesus! Go to Valley Mills, the main street, there’s one street called straight, the main street, stand at the street and say Welcome Holy Spirit and like a sweeping of the Holy Spirit and a sound of a rushing mighty wind ~ sound like a freight train coming through the night, rattling the windows, it’s the glory train coming, it’s the glory train coming. Praise God!!! No preaching but a whole lot of moving of the Holy Spirit. Glory to God!!! You’ll have curious seekers come in; they are like, what in the world is going on?”

It has been one month since I first shared this word from the prophet. In my previous message on 7-10-18 I shared what, how, when we had acted on this assignment from The Lord.

Recap from the initial post about Mission: Welcome Holy Spirit:

“There was no doubt in my heart that this was a directive from the Lord Jesus! So after seeking The Lord on when, who, what, where, how…and receiving direction, we obeyed and moved forward with this God-ordained assignment. The Lord has revealed to us that He wants this to go global! It is time to Welcome Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Glory, which will saturate our atmosphere with power! As we agree, unite, carry, and release this glory and power, the atmosphere will ripen for the return of The Lord King Yeshua Jesus!  John the Baptist preached repentance, transforming the atmosphere for the ministry of Jesus. Welcoming the Holy Spirit will transform the atmosphere for the return of our Lord King Jesus! Glory to God!”

Recent Revelation: What the LORD has revealed is that we are in an opportune time for opening the portal to Jacob’s Ladder over our areas of influence and where we travel. Wherever our feet are, He is with us, and we have dominion. As we open the portal to Jacob’s Ladder, knowing that our Messiah is at the top of that ladder, we Welcome Holy Spirit and invite Him in to hover, saturate, and conduct the Father’s Business. He will ripen the atmosphere for those that are in the dark to come into the light. We will be more effective witnesses with a Kingdom Harvest for the days ahead.

The goal of the Welcome Holy Spirit movement is to invite Him into where He has been uninvited and kicked out in the past. He is truly WELCOME in This Place!!!And that is our place… to invite Him into our arenas, our workplace, our families, our friendships, our finances, into this earth realm for the earth is the LORD’s and the fullness thereof! Glory Glory Glory!~!~!~!~!

Current update on our progress: ** We have been quite busy since the last assignments were documented on the original article. Including the previously mentioned locations, we have Welcomed Holy Spirit to the following Counties in Texas: Bosque, Dallas, Johnson, Hill, McLennan, Limestone, Ellis, Coryell, Freestone, and Bell. This experience has truly been supernatural. At each location, Lord King Jesus has worked with us confirming The Word with signs and wonders! At every stop, from a quiet stillness, there have been mighty winds manifest around us. In addition, as we listen and yield to Holy Spirit as to where to stop, we have been gifted with feathers in abundance, a ground-covering of acorns from a huge oak tree with a window leaned up against it, an overflow of corn from a previous harvest, cards with scripture, remnants of paper with written words that we had just prayed…. the list goes on and on. So far, the Lord has led us to decree and pray on major highways entering at the County line (the gate to the county) and the Courthouses in the County Seats.

Others have joined in this effort and have Welcomed Holy Spirit into multiple locations in the following U. S. states: Ohio, Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama. Waterways include Lake Whitney, Cedar Creek Lake, Brazos River, Bosque River, Trinity River, Ohio River, Kentucky River, Mississippi River, Arkansas River, and there are probably some I don’t know of yet. HalleluYAH Glory!!!!!

We have a contact in Germany that will be on this assignment soon so I will keep you posted when that mission is accomplished.

This is a Global Kingdom Assignment so if you can join and Welcome Holy Spirit, let us know so we can put it before the LORD on our map.

We have reached out to some of our local Jesus sisters and brothers for intercession prayer support. They are forming a corporate prayer group to support those of us that have our boots on the ground. For those that are unable to join us physically, this is their way to be an instrumental part of what Lord Father God has mandated us to do in this hour. We need those prayers and that intercession to undergird our efforts on behalf of the Kingdom of God.

Future plans: So far, we are concentrating on the “Heart of Texas” here locally. We have assignments planned for 8-18-18 and 8-22-18. We have one more County to cover here in the Heart of Texas and we have still the South gate to our region to open for the LORD.

So we continue to cast the net of the Holy Spirit! HalleluYAH!

It has only just begun as we look to go beyond!

If YOU ARE joining this world-wide movement to WELCOME HOLY SPIRIT into your area of dominion, please send me a comment so I can make a God-dot on our map! Let’s watch this Kingdom Initiative go GLOBAL!!!



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